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The Empress / S. J. Kincaid.
Author: Kincaid, S. J., author. -- Sequel to Kincaid, S. J. Diabolic.
Publisher: London Simon & Schuster UK Ltd, 2017.
Review by: buckethead  on: 6/09/2019 11:39:53 AM
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The Sequel to The Diabolic, this book finds our lead character Nemesis in all sorts of trouble. Fast paced and well written, each page I turned seemed to have a new twist. With Tyrus now on the throne ruling the galaxy and Nemesis by his side they soon find that there are plots afoot to bring their downfall.

A fitting sequel that leaves room for another book.
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Don't eat me / Colin Cotterill.
Author: Cotterill, Colin, author.
Publisher: New York, NY : Soho Crime, 2018. -- ©2018
Review by: mldrumm  on: 5/09/2019 10:55:54 AM
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This book is set in 1970s Laos, a poor Communist country which exists at the whim of Russia, China and Vietnam. Life sped by in Vientiane [the capital] like a Volkswagen van on blocks. The population of Laos struggles with little food or consumer items. Government officials are not being paid. Smuggling is rife. Dr Siri Paiboun and his group of eccentric friends find themselves involved in a murder investigation when a skeleton is found dumped in the main square of the capital Vientiane. A convoluted plot, at times whimsical, at times quite graphic, ends with a very STRONG environmental message. This is the 13th book in the doctors series with another book released this year. Recommended.
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With the fire on high / Elizabeth Acevedo.
Author: Acevedo, Elizabeth, author.
Publisher: Richmond, VIC : Hardie Grant Egmont, 2019. -- ©2019.
Review by: Allie  on: 4/09/2019 12:24:35 PM
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This book was so good! The characters were well developed and believable and the pacing and tone were consistent throughout. The story was cohesive and there was nothing in there that felt out of place or superfluous. Plus, the descriptions of food were beautiful!
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The priory of the orange tree / Samantha Shannon.
Author: Shannon, Samantha, 1991-, author.
Publisher: : Allen & Unwin, 2019 -- London : Bloomsbury Publishing, 2019. -- ©2019.
Review by: Allie  on: 30/08/2019 12:39:05 PM
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If the words 'feminist Game of Thrones' hold any appeal for you, you need to read this book.
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Summer bird blue / Akemi Dawn Bowman.
Author: Bowman, Akemi Dawn, author.
Publisher: Edinburgh, Scotland : Ink Road, 2019. -- ©2018.
Review by: Allie  on: 30/08/2019 12:36:49 PM
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This book made me cry. More than once. I can count the number of books that have managed to do that on one hand. Go read it.
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A lifetime of impossible days / Tabitha Bird.
Author: Bird, Tabitha, author.
Publisher: : Penguin, 2019 -- [North Sydney, New South Wales] : Viking, an imprint of Penguin Random House Australia, 2019. -- ©2019.
Review by: Allie  on: 30/08/2019 12:35:23 PM
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This is a book about healing from abuse while learning a few home truths about yourself along the way. Although it's full of raw, painful moments, it's suffused with a gentleness and warmth that makes it a joy to read. I loved 93 year old Willa, who has no filter and keeps buying gumboots every time she goes out even though she has shelves full of them, and tiny, brave eight year old Willa who tells her sister stories about birds who want to become ballerinas.
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A winter's promise / Christelle Dabos ; translated from the French by Hildegarde Serle.
Author: Dabos, Christelle, 1980-, author. -- Hildegarde, Serle, translator.
Publisher: Melbourne, Victoria : Text Publishing, 2018. -- ©2018.
Review by: Allie  on: 30/08/2019 12:21:05 PM
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This is a delightfully quirky fantasy that I would love to see adapted into a Ghibli movie. I enjoyed the extremely slow-burn romance and found Ophelia to be a refreshingly flawed but lovable heroine. 4.5/5 stars.
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Swan song / Kelleigh Greenberg-Jephcott.
Author: Greenberg-Jephcott, Kelleigh, author.
Publisher: London : Hutchinson, 2018.
Review by: mldrumm  on: 28/08/2019 3:29:55 PM
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This novel is the fictionalised story of the US writer Truman Capote (Breakfast at Tiffanys and In Cold Blood) and his real-life circle of female friends who were part of the American post-war jet set gorgeous, much-married, glamorous and needless to say verrrry wealthy - Barbara Babe Paley, Gloria Guinness, Slim Keith, Marella Agnelli, C.Z. Guest and Lee Radziwill Jacqueline Kennedys sister. The book details Capotes relationship with each woman, how he came to know all their secrets and then how he blew the lot when he published explosive excerpts from a long over-due novel in Esquire magazine which betrayed his beautiful Swans.
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Miss ex-Yugoslavia / Sofija Stefanovic.
Author: Stefanovic, Sofija, author.
Publisher: Melbourne, Victoria : Viking, 2018. -- ©2018.
Review by: Araujo, Ana Miss  on: 22/08/2019 11:18:57 AM
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A beautifully funny and informative book that deftly opens up the author's unintentional migrant experience, taking us into her world as she navigates between her new life in Australia and the life of her homeland of the former Yugoslavia as it breaks into war. The writer manages to impart an almost black humour into her stories, as you get taken in to meet all the larger than life characters in her world, as well as an insight into the wars of her homeland in the 1990s. Shortlisted for the Multicultural NSW Award 2019. I loved this book.
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The diabolic / S. J. Kincaid.
Author: Kincaid, S. J., author.
Publisher: London Simon & Schuster UK 2016 -- ©2016
Review by: buckethead  on: 20/08/2019 10:20:18 AM
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A diabolic is a human like construct, designed to live and die for the one person they are bonded to. Nemesis, the diabolic has been bonded to Sidonia. When the Emperor summons Sidonia, her family fear for her life. The only way to save her is to send her diabolic in her place
This book has everything that you shouldnt talk about in polite company politics, race, religion, slavery, rich vs poor you name it, and all in space!
Originally published as a stand alone novel, this book now has a sequel with another coming to make it a trilogy. A quick warning for younger readers, there are rape themes but not scenes and some rather graphic violence.
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